Plecoptera Burmeister, 1839


Taeniopteryx (Taeniopterygidae). Montgomery Co., Indiana, USA Depicts Plecoptera Burmeister, 1839, an Otu.
Taeniopteryx (Taeniopterygidae). Montgomery Co., Indiana, USA Depicts Plecoptera Burmeister, 1839, an Otu.
Seep habitat Depicts Plecoptera Burmeister, 1839, an Otu.
Dick Baumann and beating sheet Depicts Plecoptera Burmeister, 1839, an Otu.
Pinned adult stoneflies Depicts Plecoptera Burmeister, 1839, an Otu.
Small stream stonefly habitat Depicts Plecoptera Burmeister, 1839, an Otu.
Holiday wishes, 2012. Cultus verticalis, Little R., TN, May 2011. Depicts Plecoptera Burmeister, 1839, an Otu.
Larger stream habitat Depicts Plecoptera Burmeister, 1839, an Otu.
Stonefly biogeography Depicts Plecoptera Burmeister, 1839, an Otu.
Holiday wishes, 2011 Depicts Plecoptera Burmeister, 1839, an Otu.
Nymph of Pteronarcys Depicts Plecoptera Burmeister, 1839, an Otu.;Nymph of Pteronarcys Depicts Pteronarcys pictetii Hagen, 1873, an Otu.

Nomenclature (201)

  • Neuroptera Linnaeus, 1758: 547.
  • Neuroptera Linnaeus, 1758 (synonym of Plecoptera Burmeister, 1839)
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  • Plecoptera Burmeister, 1839 in Santos, Cruz, Monteles, Faria, Firmino, Shimano, Ferreira, Luiza-Andrade, Salles, Castro, Quinteiro, Lima, Dias, Pes, Hamada & Juen, 2024
  • Plecoptera Burmeister, 1839 in Musters, Honkoop & de Snoo, 2024 Ecology

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