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Distribution for species Nemoura cinerea (Retzius, 1783)

Note:  Distribution maps are often incomplete due to the workload of entering data.

Austria. Baltic States. Belgium. Bielorussiya. Bulgaria. Croatia. Czech Republic. Denmark. Finland. France. Germany. Great Britain. Greece. Hungary. Ireland. Italy. Middle Asia. Mongolia. Netherlands. North Caucasus. Norway. Poland. Portugal. Romania. Russia. Siberia. Slovakia. Spain. Sweden. Switzerland. Ukraine. Uzbekistan. Wales. Yugoslavia.
Level 1 status: May be incomplete
Level 2 status:
Geographic levels    Land    Ocean
No data or not present land default; not present ocean default
Level 1 present TDWG level 1 land color TDWG level 1 ocean color
Level 2 present TDWG level 2 land color TDWG level 2 ocean color
Level 3 present TDWG level 2 land color TDWG level 2 ocean color
Blue shades locate oceanic islands
included in the distribution.

 Listing of geographic areas  

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