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translation from Pictet 1841 description

Content:  Head, narrow and elongated, is black with two spots ahead of reddish eyespots; antennae, palps and the whole body are also black; However, the extremity of the thorax and abdomen have some brown shades. Caudal bristles, short and hairy, are black and the legs. The wings are opaque, a dark brown, more brand with anterior and the posterior submarginal field. The costal cell is a pale yellow, and as in previous species, the ribs are the color of the background, that is to say, in this yellow and brown in the rest of the wing. Differences reports. This species could be a subgenre special because it differs in many respects the type of beads themselves, and despite its color reports and appearance with the previous species, it distinguished, as well as all congeners by the characters, very-important. The narrow head, fitted with eye-very beautiful little, a little disk of some Dictyopteryx; female bears also below the eighth ring a long cuilleron [subgenital plate] (Pl. XIX, fig. 10 and 11), who still remembers the organization of the same subgenus, and the male has not thinned abdomen. It thus forms a transition between Dictyopteryx and proproment say Beads; but its major reports facies with the preceding species and venation absolutely semblagle to that Pearl had committed me to leave it in their subdivision.

Source of information:  [Source not recorded]

Date last modified:  Thursday, May 05, 2016

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